Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Event cancelled

Saturday’s night event at Idless has been cancelled.

Idless night event

With gales forecast again this weekend it is quite possible that the FC will close Idless. If so we are hoping to postpone the event for a week.

Flyer for Idless night event 2020

Dunmere results

Will made clever use of the runnable areas to provide a great event. The results can now be seen HERE.

Next Saturday night Idless.

Dunmere Night Event

It’s going to be a bit windy so the organiser would like to get everything wrapped up in a timely fashion. Please be as early as you possibly can.

flyer for Dunmere night event

Hustyn results

The weather gods smiled on us for the Hustyn event. Results are now HERE.

Next events

Winter Series

The next event of the Winter Series is on 8th March at Poldice.

Night Series

Idless on 15th February is cancelled.

The full list is on the fixtures page.

Devon events

Full details on the Devon website

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You can now download a registration form to fill in before you come to an event.

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