Tuesday, 18th September 2018

Truro School results

The results for the Truro School event can now be seen HERE.

You may spot some discrepancies when viewing the results (ie controls – order visited). This is because a few  competitors re-visited the same control! The second visit gaining them the bonus for the group, unfortunately, only the first visit is recorded in the results. However, all the controls visited are recorded in the download file so I’ve used this to check the correct sequence.

Truro School event

flyer for Truro school event

Falmouth results

Good to see that orienteers still take part in events even when they're on their summer holidays. Results for the Falmouth urban event are now HERE.

Falmouth event

Flyer for Falmouth event

Liskeard results

Results for the Liskeard Urban event can now be found HERE.

Next up Falmouth on Tuesday 21st.

Next events

Winter Series

Sunday 7th October - Hardhead Downs, Bodmin Moor

The full list is on the fixtures page.

Tamar Triple 2018

Final results are now on the Tamar Triple website


Devon events

Full details on the Devon website

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You can now download a registration form to fill in before you come to an event.

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