Tuesday, 24th May 2022

Tamar Triple

2018 results

Thank you all for coming and making the Tamar Triple 2018 such a success.

Results for Day 1 at Exeter have now been tidied up

Courses from all 3 days are now on Routegadget and Splitsbrowser.

Here are the links to Day 1 Routegadget

Here are links to Day 2 & 3 Routegadget



Event 1 Results

The results for the Exeter University Urban event can be found here:

Event 1


Planner's Comments

Controller's Comments

Organiser's Comments

String course results

Although individual times were not recorded, all who took part received their own printed SI times for completing the course and are all winners for doing so well!"

Tamar Triple 2018 String Course participants.

Event 2 Results

The results for the Braunton Long event can be found here:

Event 2


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Organiser's Comments

Event 3 Results

Following the event a Complaint was made to the Organiser that:

"Control 207 in wrong place on Courses D & E - legs into 207(15) and next leg to 213(16) should both be removed."

The Complaint was reviewed and the Organiser's response was:

"The map in the vicinity of the pole and the boulder represents the mappers interpretation; the omission of the vegetation and ruin is regrettable, however was the same for all competitors and my decision is to let the results stand."

The Complainant did not accept this decision and raised it with the Controller as a Protest by email the contents of which can be seen HERE

A jury decision was issued on 1st June 18 the details of which can be seen HERE

The Complainant responded with a request that the jury review their decision and a copy of that email request can be seen HERE

The jury examined the Complaint further and issued a statement with their decision on 7th June 18 which can be seen HERE

The results for the Braunton middle distance event can be found here:

Event 3


Planner's Comments