Thursday, 22nd February 2018

Tamar Triple 2018

Bank Holiday Weekend 26th - 28th May 2018


We are very grateful to Exeter University for allowing us to use the campus for the event.


Dogs will only be allowed in the parking and assembly areas.

Would dog owners please note that the university authorities ask that all dogs are kept on a lead. Dog owners are also asked to bag and remove any mess in order to manage the risk of toxicania spread in dog faeces.


Saturday 26th May

Exeter University campus - Urban - Level C event. This will be a round of both the SEOUL and the UKUL.

Start times - the provisional window for start times is 1430 - 1700

Age Categories
Men Open (M18-35)
Women Open (W18-35)
Veteran Men (M40+)
Veteran Women (W40+)
Super Veteran Men (M55+)
Super Veteran Women (W55+)
Ultra Veteran Men (M65+)
Ultra Veteran Women (W65+)
Hyper Veteran Men (M75+)
Hyper Veteran Women (W75+)
Junior Men (M16-)
Junior Women (W16-)
Young Junior Men (M12-)
Young Junior Women (W12-)