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Lanhyrock 2012

Planner's Comments (Steve Beech)

Like most things in life, planning an orienteering event requires making a few compromises, so for this event I was trying to bear in mind the need for a short green course, the increased length (over previous years) of the brown course and the vagaries of winter weather in Cornwall. These factors played a large part in the choice of the start. Luckily the weather was better than I had feared it might be and a week of dry weather meant that conditions underfoot were less muddy than of late. On the other hand the brambles haven't been knocked back by any frost or snow this year. For the last couple of years planners at Lanhydrock have made use of the parkland features to create interesting courses with an almost middle distance format, but as this was our galoppen I felt a more classic approach might be appreciated and so aimed to keep the technical courses in woodland as much as possible. I'm still trying to adjust to the new guidelines on course length and target times and although the times of the course winners were reasonable, it does look as though we'll have to get used to a number of competitors being out in the forest for a goodly time. I must admit to being a bit rusty with the planning process and my thanks go to Alan for his guidance and patience and to the Kerno members who answered my cries for help as I wrestled with OCAD course setting for the first time. I hope that the odd discrepancies did not spoil your day.

Organiser's Comments (Jeannie Bown)

A fantastic turnout on an extremely cold day! Thank you very much to all those who helped. I really appreciated the willingness with which everyone took on the different jobs. The event couldn?t happen without you. Particular thanks to those who helped without having a run to warm them up ? Hazel Hamilton, Sue Morton, Sue Boyt, Pauline Olds and Graham Pring.

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